Midori Hoshi
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Mai 22, 2022
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Fox demon love story

This is a sweet short drama that tells the love story between a prince that is a half fox demon and a girl with super powers coming from the future.
It's entertaining all the way with no boring parts to skip. The romance develops in a very good speed and the chemistry between ML and FL is really nice. Let's not forget the fact that the male lead is a candy to the eyes.
Different from most short dramas, this one gives us a very satisfying ending. I just finished watching it and I think I can definitely watch it again.
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Out 19, 2022
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This short drama was such a GEM of a find!!!

This was such a fun and sexy drama to watch. ML & FL had sizzling chemistry. Storyline is basically Spunky Cinderella who gets abused by her family meets wicked but protective devil. Don't watch this drama if you are want a conventional drama, something serious or deep. Watch this drama for pure entertainment and you will enjoy it. I re-watched it several times. ML is really handsome, and made a great devil. Female lead was tough as nails yet feminine at the same time. I really like the ML & FL, hope to find more of their work in the future.
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Abr 25, 2023
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What is happening? And, what happened??

I was drawn to the apparent mystique of this drama after reading the synopsis.

After watching it, I must say that it was fairly disappointing. Why?
- The actors and actresses did not seem very good at their craft. The acting was quite a pain to watch.
- The plot made me go "Huh?" and "Why?" and "What's happening?"
- I expected more from the cast and the plot but perhaps it was my expectation that was misplaced because it was a mini drama series and so, nothing more could be done (perhaps).

I still gave this drama a pass as it did entertain me (somewhat) and I felt that the main leads were earnestly trying to act well. I applaud their efforts. To me, the male lead was also quite handsome. LOL! :)

I'd say: Watch if you are curious and watch if you're in the midst of looking for another drama to enjoy.

[I respect other reviewers and their individual choices. There are plenty of dramas out there to suit every taste. Direct your support or lack of to the drama itself. If you support this drama, good for you and please continue to. Please write your own good reviews. If you do not support this drama, please also write your own review. We are reviewers. Not personal attackers. We review. We do not attack. Reserve your opinions for your reviews and not for the reviewer who is responding to the drama itself and not to other external aspects. I am responding to this drama that I have watched and I am not personally attacking any actor or actress in real life. It is all based on this particular drama only/ this particular reel life only.]

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Dez 14, 2023
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This is a cute short drama set in historical times that is just for passing time. The cast’s acting skills were weak and the drama needed more time to create events cohesion. It is a short romantic comedy and the leading couple had a nice chemistry that seemed as they had fun in the making of this drama. The leading couple carries out the drama since it is about the developing relationship between the ninth lord Cang Lan Ye with two personas in one body: human and demon (played by Cavan Wen) and Ye Luo, a girl with supernatural powers that came from the future (played by Lu Fang Qi) and how they fall in love as they encounter and fight the antagonists in the story. As said before, this miniseries is not to be taken seriously but it is fun and entertaining.

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