Both are short dramas that start out light and fluffy then get more serious toward the end. The ML has a more sinister, darker personality trapped inside him that is trying to take control and who the FL is trying to save him from. Both FLs are from modern day and have traveled back to ancient times where they met the ML. Both FLs have some form of magic and are connected to the ML in a supernatural way. The ending is open but the two reunite in some way in modern day.
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Very different in tone and length, but the FL in both is able to summon the ML who is a supernatural being.
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Completely different in tone and length, but both feature a ML with a demon side that keeps trying to take him over and a "displaced" FL (through time travel or resurrection) who tries to save his human side.
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one body two personalities
both have a connection to the female lead

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Both are short length dramas in which the ML has two personalities.
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Both are short length dramas with a half demon/half human ML and a FL who behaves very differently toward him than he's used to (no fear or power over him).
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Lord Uncle, Let’s get married is similar yo TOGYHS because:
- FL soul swap to body of protagonist
- ML has two sides but Lord Uncle is normal vs demon mode
- FL in Lord Uncle is aware of ML 2 personality but she helps the normal win over the demon side
Recomendado por Nam Gonzales
This paragraph in the original MD book is crazy!!
The male protagonist is a great monk of the fox clan, who glanced at the matchless goddess when he was young, and has never forgotten since then, willing to incarnate as a killing god in the clan, wearing several fake faces on his face, and no one knows his name and true appearance.
The heroine Ji Tanyin, because of her sincere obsession with craftsmen, flew to become a god, and went down to take away the left hand of the male protagonist (originally it was the hand of the god Taihe), although she approached with a purpose, but she also sincerely protected the male protagonist, wanting to wait until he naturally died of old age before taking it.
The male protagonist is sensitive and suspicious, from the very beginning of the female protagonist's appearance, he has already suspected the identity of the female protagonist, and even once accidentally killed the female protagonist's body in the mortal world, but only regretted that she died, patted the ash on her body and left, because he didn't care at that time.
After gradually getting along and getting acquainted, he saw the heroine's brilliant craftsmanship, and was also moved by her sincere enthusiasm, and after the heroine tried her best to protect him and heal his injuries, Genzhong let Tan Yin see his true face and told her his name.
This kind of never caring, to reluctant, ambiguous pulling is simply true.
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Both are mini dramas with a modern day FL who time travels or enters a fictional historical world. Both MLs are non-human (half demon vs. vampire) and bond in some way with the FL.
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Gender reverse of the plot with the love interest appearing to have a split personality because they are sharing their body with a demon half.
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Both are short somewhat fluffy and fast paced romantic Chinese dramas. The couple are a human and a nine tailed (or half) fox.
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Both are short length stories featuring a strong-willed FL and a ML with two very different personalities.
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