Both are mystery/thriller rom-coms.
FL in MLL can hear other people’s lies as they talk whereas FL in GWIA has the ability to make rich guys who are liars/cheaters to fall in love with her after looking into her eyes.
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Female lead's ability to seduce is similar to the love portion of destined with you's female lead.
Even though I dropped DWY because it couldn't pull it off as cleverly & beautifully like Guess who I am.
But maybe some of you might like it.
Recomendado por myulmangalltheway
If FL is writing a novel than it had a pretty much similar plot like Generals lady, although both the drama are different but that one scene can make both the drama similar
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With the same director. A story of suspense, love, martial arts and revenge. In a gothic atmosphere Ju JIng Yi is Yan Cai Wei who appears with a new face to take revenge on her husband, the alleged criminal who tried to kill her. But she will discover that he is innocent and that he loved her from beginning to end. They will face 4 clans to uncover old cases in the city. He is the magistrate, the most beautiful man in the world who does not consider beauty a burden. The two will defeat their enemies and reveal the main case solved.
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