Both protagonists are swindler working hard for good. They use any means necessary to achieve their goal. They also do not believe in love at first...
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Both dramas have swindler(s) helping honest civil servants vs corrupt ones
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Haken is set in a company & deals with super awesome temp worker driving crazy the employees, Ogon deals with former swindler working in the Board of Audit's Special investigation, punishing civil servants embezzlers.

In Haken, i literally fell in love with the lead actress and her chemistry with Oizumi Yo. I desperately wanted to watch something similar, but settled for one of her other drama, Ogon. Only to find out i couldn't have been more lucky;) Both amazing with the same comedy/friendship feel to it, and the same lead couple! And Shinohara's character is that of a strong daring woman in both (she's so cool!)
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