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Ago 26, 2013
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I am wondering that nobody already wrote a review...

I really enjoyed this drama/movie. The three episods were all super long, about 2 and a half hour, but it did not feel that long. I was super shocked when I looked at the clock after finishing the first episode. I was too absorbed in the story to realize the time passing by.

So, it's kinda obvious that I like the storyline of the drama. It follows the life of a family in the post war times. The main character is the oldest sister who takes care of her parents and siblings while trying to manage her own life. Her story and the one from her siblings is interesting and believable but not necessarily predicatable. You are intrigued to know how they go on with their lives and if they can realize their dreams and find the love they wish for.

Also, the cast of the drama is amazing. Not just the main characters are the top of Japanese actors. There are lots of little roles which are acted by famous Japanese actors and you will keep pondering where you have seen them before.
It is wonderful to see how the main actors are acting out their roles. They are refreshing and emotional and wonderful. You will feel with them and laugh as well as cry with them.

I suggest you to watch this drama if you want to know more about Japanese history and if you like stories about one family that you accompany through their live.
(Also, Jun is very hot in there...sorry, Jun fangirl speaking here LOL)

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Jan 16, 2018
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No geral 9.0
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I love history, especially when it is humanized like it was in this story.  As an American we are taught one history, and the aftermath is usually skipped or glossed over.  I love seeing the same issue from different sides to see the whole picture.  I learned about events that were significant to Japan, but never heard of in my country.  The story that is told is the human story, one of survival, love and family.

The acting was superb, with this cast it would have been hard not to be.  You can tell there was pride in the work that they were producing and that they had invested themselves in telling the story right.

The music was good thematically and only repetitious when the story warranted it.  The Rewatch value of this for me would be to show someone else.  It is a heavy drama with little comedic parts or Action. It is straight story telling.

Overall I give it a 9 because It is an excellent piece of drama that pulls you in and makes you want to see more.

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