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Hi there *waves*

I'm Kate and I am watching Japanese Dramas since 3 years now.
To have an overview about what I watched, I started to use mydramalist and I think it's super useful.

I am an Arashi fangirl, as I adore those five guys! They always make me smile. So, of course, my aim is to watch all dramas in which they appeared, and although I managed quite a lot, I still have some to go^^

However, I also watch dramas without the appearance of an Arashi member.
Concerning the male actors (that are not Arashi^^), my favourites are Matsuda Shota and Ikuta Toma. I try to cover all their dramas and movies too, though I still haven't managed^^;;
Furthermore I like Mukai Osamu, Oizumi Yo, Ohkura Tadayoshi, Fujiki Naohito and Mizushima Hiro (a shame that he stopped his work as an actor!!)
Going over to the female actresses, I LOVE Yonekura Ryoko as well as Toda Erika and Kanno Miho. I also like to watch Aibu Saki, Karina, Kitagawa Keiko, Oomasa Aya and Fukiishi Kazue. I'm also never against dramas with Tabe Mikako.

Regarding the type of dramas I like...I pretty much watch a lot of different genres, but I'm never against romance, friendship and family. I also like dramas with a happy/funny/crazy feeling (meaning Hana Kimi or Yamada Tarou). Additionally, I am watching detective dramas and I don't mind a bit of suspense, though it shouldn't be too much of it!

Actually, I'm also a big fan of soundtracks from the dramas. I love to let them play while I'm working or running around in the flat, fixing things. So, whenever I can get my hands on one, I grab it and enjoy recognizing some music patterns.

I would be happy to find people around here to talk about dramas (or Arashi^^).
So, if you feel like it, just leave me a message or please don't feel surprised when I contact you randomly, cause this means I thought we might have the same interests and therefore would love to talk to you!


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