Both main female have a strength that the guy don't and both have hot male leads even though both didn't have the same jobs I feel it kinda have a similarity
Recomendado por leila calixte
Both the dramas give similar vibes
•both leads are into sports
•childhood friends (ML weak in childhood)
Recomendado por Aneen
These two dramas are slightly reminiscent of one another simply because of the happy theme and the sweet, light-hearted romance. Their storylines differ greatly, however the main characters I felt were a little similar. The male leads are both super romantics and as Louie would say, "perfect", boyfriend material. As for the leading ladies they're both characters i would strive to be more like--warm-hearted, caring and innocent.
Recomendado por MariKim
The female lead has the same personality and character and Bok Joo and the same male lead. They are both sport related and the is a huge friendship theme.
Recomendado por barbiedreams
two rival groups, lovable characters and school-centred slice of life!
Recomendado por hosaki
Both dramas have a similar feel with the main leads having a childhood connection between them. They're both cute, fluffy romances that make you love the main leads so much. They also have hilarious comedy.
Recomendado por AmynaA
Both are very warmhearted romantic comedies with the leads who are friends first before they fall in love. Both are great shows about friends who are like family who are very supportive and kind to one another. Both are slow burn love stories, but once the fireworks begin, it burns pretty brightly and both become some of the sweetest love stories out there with both male leads who support the female leads in her pursuit of her dreams. Also there's a strong womance element in both shows where the women/girls are super kind to each other and in 30b17 there are no female love rivals. Both female leads speak their minds and though Kim Bok Joo is very strong physically, Seo Ri may seem naive and weak on the outside, she's actually a very strong willed person and overcomes a great amount of tragedies yet she doesn't let them destroy her sense of optimism. Nor does Seo Ri like Kim Bok Joo let setbacks prevent her from pursuing her dreams.
Recomendado por DLKDramaFan
This drama reminds me a lot of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Of course both have different sports. But, both are youth sport dramas with the lead couple bickering vibes, friendship, dorm life, campus romance, and those sport trainings. If you loved Weightlifting Fairy, I recommend you to watch To Fly With You.
Recomendado por Allison77
They are both slice of life shows that deal with college life. Age of Youth deals more with making friends where Weightlifting Fairy leans more towards the romance side. Recommend watching both of them.
Recomendado por SergeantFox
These two shows gave me the same fuzzy warm feeling inside! If you loved one, I feel safe in saying you will like the other, even thought they don't have much in common plot-wise.
They do share the same type of feeling and idea - watching two people slowly fall in love, completely and irrevocably, and once they are there, never waver.
Both couples are extremely adorable.
Both of these shows have the main characters surrounded by great friends and family members.
And both of these shows are #relationshipgoals and OTP!
Recomendado por KatiaSchwarz
The female and male lead from Weightlifting Fairy both appear as supporting roles in Cheese in the Trap so if you love this actor and actress make sure to watch. I think that Lee Sung Kyung does a great job acting in both roles and it after having seen her in Cheese in the Trap and then seeing her in Weightlifting Fairy I think she is a top rate actress and I really loved her roles. She was over the top crazy in Cheese in the Trap as In Ha and she is a spunky strong girl as a female lead. Both have great story lines with strong female leads for some girl power and attractive hot male leads.
Recomendado por inzaratha
It has the whole university drama feels. Kim bok joo falls in love with a guy and she feels bad about how she looks and what she does (weightlifting), so she tries to change everything about herself. At the end of the day she fell in love with someone else, and learned to love who she is.
Recomendado por Tejuoso Ayomide
Both are College Dramas that are light, sweet and will have you grinning in most parts of the show. The romance isn’t instant and the main leads started off just friends. Both dramas can be recommended for newbie kdrama and cdrama fans.
Recomendado por sojushot
-They both have a CReEPILY similar vibe, despite the plot being totally different
-They both take place in a very new, modern, brightly colored and unfairly spacious boarding school (although, Kim Bok Joo's is a college (so, duh, they live there) and To the Beautiful You's is a boarding high school)
-The best friends are the best part (side only to the romance if you're more into that thing)
-Both revolve around the main characters' sports and a primary plot line is training or overcoming some (or several) sport obstacle(s)
-They both feature rhythmic gymnastics as a sort of side plot (and the participants are always the mean girl)
-Both have a strikingly similar ratio of humor to drama; the humor being of the same type/style, and the drama relating to the mother of the male lead
-For some reason the school's doctor is a friend/somewhat needed side character that falls in love with one of the two lead's siblings
-Even the originally bad characters become lovable
Recomendado por Tajo Mahcts
They both revolve around sports. I also think that, though the dynamic between the leads is different in each drama, the relationships start and grow in a similar way!
Recomendado por alexa
A Fada do Levantamento de Peso, Kim Bok Joo (2016) poster



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