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Out 14, 2014
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This sure was an unusual courtroom drama movie. It's star studded full of quirky characters.

Needless to saw the acting was stunning at best, like Abe Hiroshi, Nishida Toshiyuki and Takeuchi Yuko, and spot on at worst like Fukada Kyoko. The story could've been standard if it wasn't for the acting. The chemistry between characters was palpable and the twist in the end was nicely done.

I didn't like the idea of the choice of the last witness used. It made it just too easy and cheapened the result. Another complaint, is the length, which I think could've done better without the extra 20 minutes added.

Overall worth the watch Once In A Blue Moon :P

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Jun 20, 2012
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No geral 8.0
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EXCELLENT! I enjoyed this courtroom comedy that also dealt with family, life & death.

I couldn't have wished for a better cast for the quirky characters in this wonderfully written Mitani Koki film. Nishida Toshiyuki was perfect as the 421-year old samurai. Abe Hiroshi was in top form whether he was tap-dancing or lying in a hospital bed. Other standouts for me were the peppy Eri, Nakai Kiichi, Asano Tadanobu & Kohinata Fumiyo.

I felt that the movie was incomplete when it ended. Luckily for me, I continued watching through the credits & the dangling/unfinished feel was set right. Even at 142 min runtime, I'd definitely rewatch this!

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