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Um homem de meia-idade está preocupado com mulheres. Seok Geun trabalha como taxista na ilha de Jeju. Ele é louco por mulheres e teve dificuldades em manter-se fiel a sua esposa, Dam Deok, quando ela era viva. Após a morte dela, Seok Geun ainda corre atrás de mulheres e é uma má influência para o seu cunhado, Bong Soo, que é casado com a sua irmã mais nova, Mi Young. Eles também são vizinhos dele. Bong Soo outrora aspirava ser um chefe renomado e agora tem um restaurante italiano com Mi Young que não está indo bem. Bong Soo quer trocar o conceito de restaurante italiano para chinês, mas não tem estrutura para enfrentar a obstinada Mi Young. Quando uma jovem garota atraente chamada Jenny (Lee El) chega na cidade, Seok Geun e Bong Soo ficam encantados por ela. Estes dois homens estão procurando encrenca? (Fonte: Viki) Editar Tradução

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  • País: South Korea
  • Tipo: Movie
  • Data de Lançamento: Abr 5, 2018
  • Duração: 1 hr. 40 min.
  • Pontuação: 7.1 (scored by 737 usuários)
  • Classificado: #8951
  • Popularidade: #6247
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)

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Tudo Que Um Homem Deseja (2018) photo
Tudo Que Um Homem Deseja (2018) photo


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Mai 22, 2018
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No geral 7.5
História 5.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 8.0
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I purely watched this because I'm a big fan of Song Ji Hyo. This was an enjoyable movie. Somewhat lighthearted and funny. There are a lot of "sex" scenes, but no nudity, still it's probably not safe to watch it around your parents because of the profanity and sexual jokes lol. There is mild nudity, but it isn't from the actors.

I really liked the style and directing because it was pretty creative in a couple scenes. I think Lee Byung Heon did a great job at delivering the movie. The cinematography is pretty bright and refreshing too. I didn't like Ji Hyo's character at first, but all of the other characters were interesting and they grew on me later on. The acting was pretty decent, not the most outstanding and impactful, but they were all refreshing to see. Due to the shortness of the film, the movie was prettt well paced, no slowness but that also could be its fault.

Okay, here is where we will go on a train ride, buckle up your belts my friend. My number one biggest criticism for this movie is the plot and writing itself. I hate how they pretty much glorify the affairs like something that people can leisurely perform without much consequences after. I get this is suppose to be for the main characters to find love on Jeju island, but honestly, (SOMEWHAT SPOILER: the cheating is excessive and they don't ever condemn cheating in a way that discourages having affairs. Instead, they make it look fun. At least from how I grew up, I condemn infidelity.)

The ending was alright, I wish there would've been something more.

The acting again, was fairly decent, but I definitely don't think it's the strongest acting from any of them. Maybe from too many main characters and too short of time, the screen time mainly goes to the 2 male leads (which is fine), so the rest of the cast don't get to prove themselves their true potential in their characters.

I honestly wish there would be more in depth explanations and scenes to show to progression leading to certain events. The sex scenes were in a way comical, nudity or not, I felt like it was there purely for the genre of sex comedy. It would've been better if they used those scenes to help develop the characters motivation or emotions, or move the plot along.

Overall thoughts:
I won't stop anyone from watching it ( unless you're too young) because it won't leave you with a big impact, but it's quite entertaining. It doesn't change your life or anything, just pure entertainment. I mean that's usually what it is for sex comedies, but I wish there was more. The writing could've been stronger and it would've helped if the film is a little longer. I think mainly due to time they couldn't fit all of the detailed development of some characters.

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2 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Out 13, 2018
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No geral 6.0
História 6.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 9.0
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Okay, first thing first. I was curious to watch this because of Song Ji Hyo (not a big fan here, but I'm just curious about seeing her acting after the last movie I saw, Code Name Jackal).
It's more natural here I think.
I like the flow, fast yet clear. Every actor delivers the role naturally just like it was themself in personal. Not too much, not lacking. Just, right. The chemistry also right. Just right.
It's entertaining, refreshing, but somehow, it just.. flat.
Just like eat an ordinary fast-food meal on your cheat day just because you don't have time to go to a fancy one. Once is enough.
I don't think I have to watch it twice.. or for the worst.. I don't think I will recommend it urgently if you want something very refreshing.
The only thing that quite quirk is the sex scene and another so-called hot scene. It seems more comical than sexy that leave you smirk instead of big laugh. It's more like satire, just like the whole movie.
I guess people really need exaggeration in a movie to fully understand the message; that cheating - no matter how good you are or for whatever the reason is - just make your life uneasy. Just like pyramid scheme.
Nevertheless, people need more movie like this, to make a subtle memory about everyday life problem that seems 'normal', to settle in their brain and make short bright-yelllow-post-it note in deep down their brain memory, that.. cheating (again) is never good eventually. ;)

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  • Movie: Tudo Que Um Homem Deseja
  • País: Coreia do Sul
  • Data de Lançamento: Abr 5, 2018
  • Duração: 1 hr. 40 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 18+ Restrito (violência e palavrões)


  • Pontuação: 7.1 (avaliado por 737 usuários)
  • Classificado: #8951
  • Popularidade: #6247
  • Fãs: 1,638

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