- both are set in parallel worlds
- a character who is in a comic and doesn’t realise
- both have romance
Recomendado por misu
By the same writer and both have plot twists, things you never saw coming. Keeps you on the edge on your seat.
Recomendado por scarletlover1
Both are a mix of romance and drama, the romance of this show being separated by time travel (very similar to W's two world separation).
Recomendado por Kimmi
While the storyline is different, the dramas give off the same vibes.

Both feature foresight/changing reality
Both have a touch of mystery, action and romance
Both have Lee Jong Suk starring as the male lead
Recomendado por Lyoness
Both take place in a comic book/fictional story universe and female leads are trying to change end of the story.
Recomendado por BeaNeath
Screenwriter gets stuck in her own script as one of the characters, who isn't even the heroine, and falls in love with male protagonist.
Recomendado por christy
- Female Lead goes into Male Lead's world (his novel)
- FL can alter his reality (their writings "collide" - her fanfic and his novel)
- FL acts out funny tropes to change the story (making ML fall for her!)
- ML has something in his past that troubles him (even though FL's backstory is more tragic)
- FL becomes his saviour with her positive outlook and tenacity
- An evil character that chases the ML/FL in the last part of the story (a bit annoying)
- A happy ending for FL and ML (but not enough like in W)
Recomendado por MissKaylee
Both have authors in manga/manhua stories coming alive in one way or another. W the main lead jumps into the manhua.
Recomendado por Kowzy
Both the Male leads from Mr. Bad and W-Two Worlds are fictional character.
Mr. Bad - Male lead is the Fictional character from the novel written by Female lead
W-Two Worlds - Male lead is the Fictional Character from the webtoon written by Female lead's Father

Mr. Bad (Synopsis)
Nan Xing is an online novel writer whose main character is based on her idol, Lu Zi Chen. The main antagonist is Xiao Wu Di, a cunning and manipulative martial artist.
One day, Nan Xing makes a wish for an "unforgettable love" in a Fairy pool. To her surprise, Xiao Wu Di, the villain of her story, suddenly appears before her! She tries to avoid him, but Xiao Wu Di finds her and threatens her into taking care of him. Unfortunately for him, Nan Xing's wish comes with a special power: whenever she needs help, Xiao Wu Di teleports next to her to fulfill her wish.

Recomendado por Swati K
Both action packed and full of plot twists. Whereas DOTS takes place in a different country, W is set in an alternate reality.

Both female leads are doctors and due to their relationship with the male leads end up in dangerous situations. Both dramas have the same amount of romance, the couples are adorable but obviously have a deep connection which shows through the casts' acting.
Recomendado por Bella
Both have a female, which is a doctor. She travels into another world. The man from that world often travels to hers too.
Recomendado por Loving_Roots
They are literally both "Two Worlds".

"W" is 2 worlds in a sense that one is the "real world" and the other is a "comic book world".

In "The King", one is the present world, or the world as we know it, then the other world is a parallel world, or a parallel universe.

Anyway, both have the same feels and both have an antagonist that does not want the male lead to prosper in some way.
Recomendado por pinkvanilla
For starters both are amazing dramas in their own way and I LOVED both these dramas!

~ Tons of plot twists
~ Keeps you on the edge of your seat
~ Fantastic acting
~ Fast-paced
~ Always something happening in each episode
~ Lots of secrets that get revealed

~ W is more romance-driven whereas Circle has minimal romance
~ Circle is more sci-fi/dystopian whereas W deals more with the webtoon/cartoon realm and the idea of two separate dimensions
Recomendado por Sandrine
Pretty much similar as both are love stories between a comic character and a real one. Comic characters pop out from the comic book in both.
W is a love story but with much Action, Thrill and Suspense.
Recomendado por Stutiii
In both, the ML is a character in a manga.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
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