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Gegege no Kitaro: Kitaro and the Millennium Curse japanese movie review
Gegege no Kitaro: Kitaro and the Millennium Curse
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by xKellyGirlx
Out 21, 2013
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Searching for random movies for the weekend, I found this, and realized that I had once watched it before on a flight years back. Since I had just finished Gegege no Kitaro (the first movie), on I go on another movie marathon! Well, for starters, I'm a HUGE, HUGE fan of those yokai/fantasy stories, so I had a vague idea on the concept of this series before I watched it. Along my journey in search for a satisfactory movie, I'd seen few of the best, but some the worst, of the genre. Story-wise, Gegege no Kitaro:The Millennium Curse has an interesting plot line. There's no outrageous twists or gut-wretch-ish suspense that makes you choke on your drink, but with elements of the supernatural as the main focus, the story went along the flow quite well. It exploits the theme of co-existance between humans and yokai, to trust and believe in each other as the strength to defeat evil (nothing out of the blue, but no complaints). As for the acting and cast, I'll say the actors and actresses did a really good job. They really did make the colorful non-human characters believable, real, besides being entertaining to watch. Eiji Wentz truly make Kitaro look good! And since it's a fantasy, expect some flashy costumes and heavy makeup! For the music, it serves the scenes adequately. But it's not the kind of music I will specifically download and listen to. Overall, this movie's not as engaging as those amazing ones, but it's still pleasant to watch if you have nothing to do and wanted something not-so-dramatic with a big teaspoon of fantasy thrown in. It could have been better, if the CG effects were improved. :)
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