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Annyeonghaseyo~! ^ u ^ and welcome to my page o u o 

First things first I guess..

My name Rowena ^^ I've been watching Asian dramas since just a little before 2011 and anime way before that~ proud otaku here o u o But I love dramas more and I wish some more of my favorite animes could get turned into drama form ; u ; My first k-drama was City Hunter and that's where I met my one of my first k-actor husbands e u e Then I began watching the older ones ^^ I watch dramas ranging from Korean, Japanese to Taiwanese my favorites though I have to say are K-Dramas ^ u ^ 

My favorite actors and actresses range from (there's many more)

Lee MinHo

Park Minyoung

Jang Geun Suk 

Park Shin Hye

Kim Bum

Oguri Shun

Yamamoto Yusuke

Ikuta Toma

Shirota Yuu

Mike He

Rainie Yang 

Figaro Ceng

Tang Zhen Gang

Yoo Ah In

Matsuyama Kenichi

Seo In Guk

Jiro Wang

Lee Seunggi

Jung Il Woo

Kim Woo Bin

Lee Chung Ah

No Min Woo

My favorite drama couples (or who I shipped together o u o)


I just had to :3

If you have any dramas you think I would like then feel free to recommend them because i'm always looking for another drama to watch since I just can't decide for myself sometimes xD And plus I finish up a drama within about 2 days to a week hurhurhur 

Feel free to friend me by the way, I love discussing dramas i've watched or am watching with others~ i'm really friendly and I won't bite either :3


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