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Live Surgery Room chinese drama review
Live Surgery Room
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by tides
Abr 8, 2024
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A Medical Web Novel Adaptation Ruined By Censorship

If you're watching medical dramas for the heart breaking stories of patients and the drama between doctors, you might like this drama but for everyone else who watches medical drama for the medical scenes (surgeries), this drama is a complete waste of time.

This is adapted from a web novel where the MC has a system. The system give him his godlike knowledge and skills which allows him to amaze everyone and cure everyone.

In the drama however, the system doesn't exist. Nothing replaces it. He just has the knowledge and skills after waking up suddenly one day. No need to have the training that everyone needs to go through to become a skilled surgeon, just sleep and wake up and you have the hands of god!

If you want to watch doctors doing surgeries, just go back to Korean, Japanese or American dramas. Majority of the scenes during the operation is centered around the expressions of the surgeons, or the viewers talking, or the medical machinery and the few shots you have of the operating area is completely blurred.

What's worse is that novel actually has explanations of many of the medical terminologies or descriptions of the surgical areas to help viewers understand what's going on.

In the drama however, all of this is absent. So unless you're going to pause and google every thing or is a doctor/medical student yourself, you probably won't enjoy this show much.

Similar to every other system novel that is adapted, it's trashed, but the drama and medical cases are still good to watch as they're taken straight from a very successful novel so if you like a drama like that without all the things that make a medical drama a medical drama, you'll like it.
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