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Doctor Slump korean drama review
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Doctor Slump
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by tides
Fev 27, 2024
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A Boring RomCom That Glorifies The Medical Profession

If you know any doctors, or know anyone in the medical profession in Korea, than you'd know that this show is completely unrealistic. The majority of doctors in korea are elites or well off, and what awaits them is a life thats far better than the majority of the population after the first few years of training.

Back to the show, this show is a romcom that uses the hope that doctors sacrifices themselves to do the best for their patients and creates 2 characters that have some kind of trauma., and have them bond through the trauma.

The show has it's moments with the romance, but the majority of the show is a slump and it's very slow. Many of the highlights of the show are emotional as you're emotionally blackmailed to feel like you can understand what the MC is going through.

The drama is a really slow burn and nothing can really make it better unless you really like the genre, and sadly most of the korean drama watchers adore the melodrama.

I guess the rich can cry in a Ferrari and make you feel sad for them, instead of using that money to go to therapy.

Also don't forget that right now, doctors are on strike against Korea accepting more medical students, letting patients and emergency patients die or get worse as they strike.
This isn't a strike against low pay or long hours, but that they want the numbers of doctors graduating from university in Korea to not increase. This just shows how elitist the profession itself is despite the grueling first few years.
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