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The Bequeathed korean drama review
The Bequeathed
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by tides
Jan 30, 2024
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A complete waste of time

When watching anime, there is a 3-Episode Rule, which is basically if it does not get good within 3 episodes, drop it.

Many dramas, especially chinese dramas do not adhere to this rule and starts off very, very slow. where the first 2 episodes are a complete waste of time explaining the background of characters. K-dramas on the other hand, usually adhere to this rule by giving you a very thrilling first episode.

Recently however, kdrama are moving towards ignoring this rule. This is one great example, where not only the first 3 episodes are a complete waste of time, but numerous segments of later episodes are also designed to waste your time and bore you to death.

It's difficult scoring this show as honestly, it's an extremely boring show and watching it to the end is a test of your patience. Perhaps you might have enjoyed the show or certain parts of the show, but you cannot deny that Dramas often live and die by it's plot, as we're better off watching theater for it's acting, or a musical for it's music.

I get that it's trending, but also remember that Netflix-And-Chill is a thing, where people just let their TV run and chill.
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