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Park Min

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Park Min

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Band of Sisters korean drama review
Band of Sisters
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by Park Min
Out 1, 2022
68 of 68 episódios vistos
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No geral 3.5
História 4.0
Atuação/Elenco 5.5
Musical 3.0
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The lesson to be learned here is reckless driving got consequences. The drama started with no one to root for, none of the characters were interesting or likable enough to care about them initially. I ended up hating more than half the cast by the end. It's infested with plot holes but I guess that's expected from long running makjangs. Sound design often fails every other scene. Some scenes were echoing while other were muffled. The "improbable coincidences" factor goes to extreme levels in this drama, kinda makes it hard to watch.

The bullshit starts after the first 1 year time-skip. It's impossible for Se Kyung hair to grow this long in a year lol. The drama hit the shitter after episode 32. It's impossible for someone as rich as Pil Mo to be this dunce, the dude got a single digit IQ. Kang Ha Ri is a main character but she almost doesn't show up in the second half, 5 episodes can pass without seeing her.

Worst time-skip ending in a long running drama ever, I'm not satisfied with this half-assed outcome. This 6-years time skip was awful, none of the stories ended up as I hoped. Not a single pair ended up together "officially". The pairings were awful altogether anyway. Dal Hee didn't get punished enough.

Random remarks:
Hong Shi smile will resolve any conflict in a second. Since I saw Byun Jung Soo in "Manny (2011)", I can only remember her as Janice as she screams "I'm Janice!". Lee Yoo Ri cameo around the ending was superb.

Some serious illogical assery in spoilers:
- Dal Hee/Sera Park, Miss Lee and Tae Soo all were alive and barely punished at the end but Se Kyung is dead. In what absurd logic does this make sense!!

- They built up Ha Ri and Gi Chan to be together for +50 episodes, they confessed their feelings to each other, their parents in law agreed to give them their blessings, yet somehow for whatever bullshit reason the love interest shifted towards Se Joon in the last 5 episodes. They didn't even have that many scenes together, let alone the none existent chemistry. Kang Ha Ri got robbed, barely any screen time and shitty love path.

- Eun Hyang and Hwan Seung not ending up together is another random bullshit. Oh Yoon Ah put 200% in her performance.
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