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Um Amor Lindo Demais
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Abr 7, 2020
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I finished this drama few days ago and contemplated for days whether I should write the review and not. This is my first ever review since I guess being quarantined I am losing my mind and getting frustrated at shows. I guess writing would at-least ease my mind as I am not sure whether I liked it or disliked it.
As the summary suggest it is based of the novel of the same name and since I happen to have a lot of free time I read the novel as well. So few words for novel it is actually really good and I loved it. After reading the novel I don't think the show is pure adaptation of the novel. The novel is mostly based on after breakup and reconciliation while 18 episode of the drama is only their youth with stupid plot like exam and classes. There were too many fillers with story that had nothing to do with novel. All in all I felt like the end result for the drama was same repeated story of many Chinese youth drama with focus on college entrance, stupid love lines, friendship and daily life of teenager. I felt like for this love story that was not really needed.
Enough of hate now let's talk about things I actually liked I think the acting was pretty good and there were some funny and romantic moments between the leads that I really enjoyed. Though in the novel second ML was there briefly I actually really liked him in the drama addition. I do think if this was based on only ML's youth it is not a bad drama. In conclusion I think a second season would have been good focusing on the story mainly in the novel as that story is unique on it's own way while the drama is like any other Chinese youth drama.

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