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Hiiii there!!!!(✿◠‿◠)

I'm Appu♋, almost 19 and K-dramas are my ultimate escape from reality. 🌟
Half the time, I am in a certain mood and this is that.....
I love to lose myself in romantic storylines, thrilling action scenes, and fantastical worlds. My favorite genres? Rom-com, action, fantasy, sci-fi, and crime thriller. 🎬✨ I have a tendency to rewind and re-watch my favorite action and comedy scenes multiple times.😂🔥 
I'm also an over-empathetic person and tend to get emotionally invested in fictional characters. I often over-think and cry over their problems, even though they're not real. 😢💔
I prefer spending my time alone with my dramas rather than facing reality.😅

Started watching K-dramas since 2020... and my first Asian drama was a C-drama in 2019. 📅

I struggle with social anxiety and find it difficult to express my feelings in words. I have a very, very, very small friend circle with whom I share my feelings. I joined MDL to talk about things I like (dramas and K-pop) and to connect with new people and explore new things. 
If you're a fellow fan of dramas and share my love for escaping into fictional worlds, let's connect! 📺❤️ 
                                           Always excited to see the red notification on my MDL site💓😭
Thankzz for visting my Profile....💗✨ Still got to update many things... working on it.....


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