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Intern in My Heart thai drama review
Intern in My Heart
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by saja
Mar 7, 2024
10 of 10 episódios vistos
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No geral 7.5
História 8.0
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Musical 7.0
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a well executed colorful noona romance that I highly recommend it!!!!

I binged watching this show in 1 day and started for the interesting age gap and as the leads seems so greatly paired together and though 20 years age difference but the actress looks so younger than her age that I see them pleasant acting together, as I too don't mind a large age gap at all!!!

the male lead presenting his superpower of psychometry was a new idea that makes a new vibes of unprecedented thailand lakorn so outstanding and funny to watch, I should say it is not boring but prefered if the bl scenes were not included as it didn't add anything special for the show and skipped them all cause the show is the main focus on noona drama and romance of first leads...

I should say the male lead is the most caring ever seen about the feelings female lead in a thailand drama and he nailed it so well, his superpower was a great add to the show that I like the idea though it is putting him in danger having aphenphosmphobia the moment he is touching people making his heart racing fastly but sacrificing this just for the safety of female lead and to know more about her as he is hiding the fact of this superpower from her!!!!

the female lead was his saviour when he was striking by the lighting of storm in his childhood and the idea that she was his key when it is started this superpower and when it ended was so original and amazing as it is a special bond between them that made me more curious to know about it

the cold personality of female lead giving the image of unbearable boss and how the male lead made her changing slowly to be more symapthizing with people around her and teaching her to consider their circumstances made her to be more tender and behaving more smoothly with all her surroundings from employees

I like the runway of fashion scenes was so colorful and vital making it so entertaining to watch and like the persistence and hardworking of female lead as a great fashion designer with all her her funny and friendly subordinates who added the value to this show besides the wonderful noona romance

the moment the male lead was running under the rain when mistaken that she accepted the proposal of her old friend and the same he did when she ws disppointed discovering that he had this strange superpower was so impressive for me that is unforgettable and greatly performed!!!

I would like to say this is a new genre of thailand drama that is way better from the conventional and traditional type of lakorns, it is so great and average show and highly recommended that I would like to suggest for every noona drama lover!!!! light to watch and really didn't feel all the way that reached the end in a blink of eye!!!!
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