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Had many similarities
•Like twist
•cant believe anyone
•Doesnt know why it's happening
And many more but I think "Night has come" is more enjoyable
Recomendado por Quiescent - Mai 29, 2024
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Its similar because it's also fiction that talks about the afterlife and the consequences of our life choices.
But here it's more accurate I think so yup
Recomendado por Quiescent - Mai 17, 2024
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Not exactly but kind of same
There is a huge chance that you will enjoy it if you liked AIBL
The whole time the series is in its peak not even a second which is not uninteresting so you better give it a watch
Recomendado por Quiescent - Mai 16, 2024
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So as you guys know that atypical family is a very distinguished story than others
but I will suggest you to watch my perfect stranger because the story line is not obviously same but they can travel in past and the connection between main lead and female lead is awesome
the stories also very great it is about a serial killer so you guy should give it a watch I think if you like attypical family you might like my perfect stranger also
Recomendado por Quiescent - Mai 14, 2024
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~ This story is also about time travelling
~ The protagonist fall in love with eachother
~ They change their future
~ Interesting storyline
I personally think these shows are quite similar as they include same genre

Recomendado por Quiescent - Abr 6, 2024
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• The plot is somehow very similar
• The protagonist will time travel to save ML
• May be they will change their future
• And obviously they will fall in love
Hope that this helps cause as I saw the trailer i suddenly remembered about marry my husband and the similarities between these two shows
Recomendado por Quiescent - Abr 6, 2024
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The storyline is quite different but the Genre , Theory and Historical Times might be same .
It's also about the female queen like Mr.queen .
- It's funny
- It has great actors
- Storyline
-Strong Female Lead
Am surely gonna watch it you should also give it a try and if you like it go for Mr.queen
Recomendado por Quiescent - Mar 30, 2024
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Train to bhusan is full of zombies so it's kind of same
the Korean movie "Train to Busan." It's a thrilling zombie apocalypse film where passengers on a train must fight for survival as a viral outbreak transforms people into zombies. The story revolves around a father-daughter duo and explores themes of sacrifice and humanity in the face of disaster.
Recomendado por Quiescent - Dez 7, 2023