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ryujins wife

in your mothers dm's

ryujins wife

in your mothers dm's
towards the end of august, i started my last year of college. i will have lots of school work, assignments, and other work to tend to. therefore, I will not be able to respond to messages as quickly as I was able to throughout the summer.
thank you for your patience and understanding! <3

I'm kinda boring but I started watching kdramas in 2020. overtime, I have absolutely fallen in love with k/c/jdramas and kpop. my favorite kpop groups are, aespa, BLACKPINK, EVERGLOW, (G)I-DLE, ITZY, IVE, LE SSERAFIM, LOONA, STAYC, Stray Kids, and TWICE (as you can tell, I'm kinda a girl group stan). I also stan a few soloists such as BIBI, CHUNG HA, DPR IAN, GEMINI, IU, LeeHi, Seori, SUNMI, TAEMIN, TAEYEON, and WOODZ.
my biases: [aespa; karina & ning ning], [BLACKPINK; jennie], [EVERGLOW; yerin], [(G)I-DLE; soojin & yuqi], [ITZY; ryujin(ofc)], [IVE; liz], [LE SSERAFIM; yunjin], [LOONA; haseul & jinsoul & yves], [STAYC; J], [Stray Kids; han & hyunjin], and [TWICE; dahyun & jihyo].
some stupid little facts about me <3 :
name: vivian
age: 21 years
zodiac sign: taurus
personality type: INTJ
favorite colors: purple & pink
favorite animal/s: dogs, capybaras, sheep, and goldfish
favorite ktuber/s: vixxo, everglow-up, and Planet Minjae
languages i know [if you know the languages that I'm still learning, i wouldn't mind you quizzing me a bit ^_^] : English (fluent), Russian (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Korean (still learning), German (still learning).
year i got into kpop/kdramas: may/june 2020
first kpop group: BTS (not stanning anymore, but I still love 'em)
PS. if you also like kpop and k/c/jdramas, I think we could be besties, so feel free to send me messages or a friend request! also, please note that my profile looks best in dark mode.
have an absolutely amazing rest of your morning, afternoon, or night!
much love! <3

my criteria for dropping a drama:
~ the plot is hella boring and I don't see it going anywhere
~ the acting is constantly making me cringe
~ there is blatant SA or abuse without a proper punishment
~ the actors have zero chemistry what-so-ever
~ the drama drags on for way too long or keeps adding unnecessary plot-twists
that's it! <3

I love talking to people but please don't interact with me if you are...
~ a minor (I'm 21 years old, I don't need to be talking to a kid who can't even drive)
~ a homophobe (I'm bi)
~ a misogynist (I'm a woman and I don't need nasty, old men telling me what to wear, say, or do, like, come on it's not 1943, grow up, and get over yourself)
~ a person who doesn't like "crash landing on you" (to me, that just screams, "I'm psycho and have bad taste")
~ a person that tries to push their religious beliefs or lifestyle practices on others. (you can be religious, but don't shove it down my throat)
if you checked any of these boxes, bye-bye <3

my ratings
what they mean
spectacular show! overall the best thing that was ever written!
pretty much a 10, but I have to use my 10's sparingly!
really good but had 1 or 2 flaws/things I would have liked more if they had been done differently.
good but not perfect.
not worth watching
really bad or had some sort of major problem that I couldn't overlook (ie. blatant sexual assault or abuse).


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