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Fanletter, Please korean drama review
Fanletter, Please
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by romcomqueen
Nov 28, 2022
4 of 4 episódios vistos
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It's about damn time Yoon Park becomes the ML!!!!

This is the first time I watched a mini-drama because I tend to choose longer stories that I can binge watch/ follow along for a few months BUT this drama was such a highly anticipated drama for me since it was announced. The plot is absolutely right up my alley and the main couple just oozes with chemistry and visuals. Choi Sooyoung and Yoon Park is just giving me everything I needed and I'm especially so soooo happy to finally see Yoon Park as the male lead in a romance drama. He definitely deserves to get more leading roles in dramas-- he gives such a perfect boyfriend-soft boy-green flag vibes. (kind of on a tangent, but I remember thinking how even though his character cheated on PMY in Forecasting Love and Weather, when they finally became friends again later he and PMY had more chemistry than PMY and SK did). I look forward to seeing Yoon Park as a ML in more dramas in the future, and hopefully a full length romance with Sooyoung soon!!!

Anyway, I definitely think the drama could have used a couple more episodes just to give us more cute/romantic scenes and to wrap everything up smoother BUT even with just 4 episodes, this drama was giving SO MUCH. I was surprised at the amount of story the cast were able to tell in just the 4 hours of the show because when it ended, it definitely felt complete. I also love that this wasn't just pure fluff and that they tackled serious life issues.

Like what everybody in the comments are saying, this show also has some really good OST and because it's just 4 hours worth of jam packed drama, it's going to be so easy to re-watch.

Just wanted to share one of my fav scenes in the show-- Its when they visited their high school, in the beginning of the scene, JungSeok was asking KangHee if she had something she wanted to tell him. KangHee was shook and asked how he knew she wanted to tell him something and JungSeok just walked straight towards her and whispered and laughed his response. I thought that was such an intimate moment for them.

Anyway, I hope you give this a try and enjoy it!!
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