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Favorite Actresses

. I just love their "Presence" on screen  --->  It's a " Combination " of.... Talent...+...Charisma...+...Looks Not that…

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Favorite Eye-Candy

. What's eye-candy to me? ---->>> MAGNETISM !!!Why are these guys HOT ?!?! --->>>.... Sexy... +...Charisma...+ ... Handsome…

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Favorite Actors

These are actors that I find have the --->>> MOST CAPTIVATING "PRESENCE" on screen !! They are "MAGNETIC" .... It's…

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Favorite Movies

. . I change the order in these lists according to my mood ..... But the CLASSICS will always be my favorites !!! Films by Kurosawa Akira…

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Favorite Dramas

These ALL have: ... Amazing W.R.I.T.I.N.G  ...and... very well-developed C.O.M.P.L.E.X.  CHARACTERSThe order in the list changes often according…

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Favorite Dramas...So Far!

NOT about qulaity .... about my preference for Passionate Romance, atm. Favorites are all about: ... Passion ... lots of Feels ... very memorable...…

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Movie Challenge 2017 w/ Geanina - Part A& B - China & Hong Kong

China, Hong Kong, Taiwan Movie Challenge 2017 w/ Geanina Challenge to watch wonderful C/HK/T films w/ Geanina (aka @GeaV)…

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Movie Challenge 2017 w/ Geanina - Part B - Hong Kong

Challenge to watch wonderful films from Hong Kong w/ Geanina (aka @GeaV) Titles are also list in the main challenge list of C/HK/T films Progress:…

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Lakorns to Watch

Look for them when I have time .... I will list links here to use in the future. (Not Direct links, b/c videos would be removed)!Kaew Lorm Petch…

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Want to Watch , But Can't Find 'em

. I want to watch these dramas/films ..... BUT......HELP! ..... I can NOT FIND them anywhere w/ Eng subs - :( Mainly for my favorite actors…

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Movie Challenge 2017 w/ Geanina - Part C - Taiwan

Taiwan films only I added The Assassin

14 titles