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Exploration Method of Love chinese drama review
Exploration Method of Love
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by padmaji
Fev 28, 2024
22 of 22 episódios vistos
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História 9.5
Atuação/Elenco 9.5
Musical 10.0
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Strong leads, personality antis, warming up to love

Ah I can speak all day about this drama. First of all, a strong FL who is not brainless are hard to come by in the wild land of chinese dramas. While this is a contract marriage drama, it is yet different from any other ones. The story is sound, the casting of leads is solid, its like they were born for this role, their chemistry is flawless. Many times a woman is written as 'bold' in dramas but dresses timid-cute, breaks character due to poor story writing, but not the case here. FL Cecilia or Su Jin in the drama is a well written character, and she took upon herself to portray it so well. Say what you will, a real drama is carried by the FL not the ML. There are many beautiful locations, and whenever Su Jin came on screen, it is impossible to look else where, she is stunning and all her outfits were a feast to the eyes.

The music of the drama is surprisingly good, I found myself searching for the songs on yt. Which is a rare thing for me. The production quality was certainly of higher standard.

Btw I was not a fan of the 2nd couple trope, so that is the only space the drama messed up, but I usually skipped those scenes, you wont be confused even after skipping, as their story is mostly independent. So I can understand why others will rate drama lower due to 2nd couple lol. That does explain the low rating.

Overall, great drama dont miss! I will rewatch for the slow burn of romance blossoming and Cecilia Boey (FL) 's stunning outfits, and such a once in a blue drama moon jaw dropping chemistry of the leads. The are just so in tempo with each other.
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