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Branding in Seongsu korean drama review
Em andamento 24/24
Branding in Seongsu
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by padmaji
Fev 18, 2024
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Untypical Korean drama with strong FL

This is the most unusual Korean dramas out there. The FL is so non typical there is nothing you can predict. She is cut throat, ruthless and strong. Our ML is a goodness filled sunshine boy. So their personalities clash for hilarious moments.
There is a major spoiler at episode 4-5. So if you thinking of dropping wait till 5 episodes I promise that twist is worth it! This story requires amazing acting which they pulled off with such ease that I am surprised really. Chemistry is bomb. I already know from All of us are dead drama that ML acts well, but FL is totally at par if not better!
Lastly this drama has a great rewatch value too. The pace is fast and there is a lot of punch packed. I recommends !!
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