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My Forever Sunshine thai drama review
My Forever Sunshine
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by padmaji
Dez 15, 2023
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Legit best enemies to lovers ever <3

Now I am coming from a long history of K or c dramas. Seen 100s of them. This one is so so special, honestly I had 0 expectations, I saw some good comments here and just jumped in. I actually ended up binging it.

The storyline is so fresh, set in a beautiful farm in countryside. A spoiled rich girl Paeng, recently orphaned moves there, falling for the owners son Athith who is initially like a warm sun to her in cold winter. She is 15 and obsessive for him, wrongs him and harasses him in the process. So ML has a legit reason to hate her. One great thing in this drama side character farmers of the farm are hilarious, and the maids and such, I usually skip those scenes in other dramas, but not here! It is well woven into the story and fun.

The character of ML and how Mark plays him is probably the most beautiful I have seen in forever, I could not fault with his acting in a single scene, his eyes, body language and soulful smile just weave magic. In scenes where he is in love he lights up like a chirstmas tree and his eyes twinkle like a 5 year old. He really is like actual sunshine.

FL obsessive phase is until episode 5, then she begins a character redemption. When she comes back, Athith punishes her rightfully so, to see his warm personality turn so cold is also fun to watch. Until episode 9 we clearly see that he begins to realize she has changed for good. The story is never rushed, both ML and FL progress wonderfully in their character. FL acting skills are great as well, they have a great chemistry together. The second FL is really beautiful, I could not take my eyes off her, she plays a really gentle character well. For the first time I could not tell in the initial episodes if 2nd FL was really interested in ML lol.

Overall a wonderful drama, its unique story gave many rich interactions. I skipped very few times. Last comment - it is indeed lakorn, so you have the hands thrown and typical snake elements to it, haha. Come in for the ride, just enjoy, rest your brain from judging all the time. Its about time sis.
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