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No More Bets chinese drama review
No More Bets
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by orangecruzz
Out 23, 2023
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Very educational, relatable and relistic

I live in South East Asia. Online bet, illegal online loans, love scams you name it, is an occurring problems an epidemic that really wreck havoc in many household. Like in this movie they showed an guy from an upper middle class, very well educated but got an online gambling problem. Meanwhile in my country this online betting disease is targeting lower class, this movie trying to say that online gambling will targeting at everyone regardless their economic background or social background. What's insane is that, China have a very strict internet control and online betting, scamming is still happening in the country. Imagine where the internet is not so regulated. Boom an epidemic. Also some of the workers who went to work in those "factory" are also victims of human trafficking. Some were aware that they're going to work in that kind of place because they have no other choice for work. Very sad.
If you say this is a chinese propaganda kind of movie. I mean, the Chinese police really did and go to SEA to get these workers. It's all over the news.
The acting are sooo good.
Many people should watch this for educational purposes and awareness.
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