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I've always had an eye on Chinese masterpices like Flying Dagers, Hero and In The Mood For Love but for Dramas I've just started to watch Jdramas in 2010 when I was considering to do a master course in Japan, I went to Tokyo and living in east naturally brought me to Cdramas and Kdramas. 

I am obsessed with books, movies, traveling, learning new languages, long passienate conversations about life and society and tea! yes I am sucker for tea, collect it and it's accessories from different part of the world also a traditional dress collector (hence I love custom TV shows). 

here I share my stories, travel momentsand knowledge about kanjis and Japanese language and design:                                                                                                                                        you are so welcome on board. 

a potterhead in the heart and a LOTR hardcore fan, and adding sherlock too, I am in love with this man and he made me a pipe smoker or was it Gandolf? I can't remember. 

I don't know why but friendship stories touch my heart more than romances. Lots of bromance here but dramaland please gives us more sismance. Come-on girls don't just gather to talk about boys gives us more adventure and sisterhood. 

every story presents a new world, but just the best woven ones could create that sole existence, that small universe which could draw us in, enchanted our hearts in a way that after the time passes those stories became part of us, part of our memories, our life. such an amazing things are those ones….

And my life in Tokyo would have been a different story without TVXQ, two men that their comeback made my life less lonely in a hard time.

and at the end it's just insanity... the life is insanity let's live it to the fullest.

2016 update: My wish for more sistermance came true, Ode To Joy is a must to watch for any friendship story suckers or feminist lout there.  


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