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Know your value and never allow anyone to reduce it, if you allow it even once, you become diminished. The World is a vast place and people may differ in appearance but we all have value, God created us all in his image! If you discriminate using race, gender or age it is not acceptable! We are not promised a tomorrow and the young are as likely to breathe their last as the old. No race or gender is better than another, and in the end none of us will have this crutch.                I will add the following and I think most people will understand what it means!       斷尾不知道自己斷了,不停地搖晃。 斷尾之腦也不知道。 從尾巴到大腦的伙伴關係很長,但最近發生了變化。 我們只是說涉及到一隻腳,而不是進入細節。 小心你的尾巴,因為世界上有很多腳。 所以......道德是確保你的大腦知道你的尾巴在做什麼! 來自或 N.J.N  English translation: The broken tail did not know it was broken, so it kept shaking. The brain of broken tail was also not aware either. The partnership from tail to brain was long but had recently undergone change. Let's just say there was a foot involved and not get in to specifics. Watch out for your tail because there are a lot of feet in the world. So... the moral is make sure your brain knows what your tail is doing! Words from: N.J.N or alias= Carpenters Square Material  ………..>


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