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Love Senior thai drama review
Love Senior
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by violet
Jan 11, 2024
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História 7.0
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they had potential

they just lost it somewhere in the start, the writing was chaotic and it felt all over the place and the editing wasn't good either, the music was a bit weird I’m ngl because why are yall singing about a boy huh, anyways it's worth a watch overall !
like there was too much to work with and instead of solving current issues they just present new ones and forget about the latter lmao.
I think the actors did their best for what they were given, and I enjoyed watching it every week, the chemistry between naow and gyo was wonderful, and I love them sm, the side characters weren’t that bad either, especially my girl luktarn.
I might be a little biased in my opinion because it is gl series and I ate it up just because of that bUT and it was good for a light cheesy romance, a good watch when you’re bored :) .
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