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Depois da Chuva
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Nov 26, 2018
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I kinda waited for this, since I do watch the anime. And it is as slow paced as it's anime counterpart. Best to watch this after watching or doing something that pumps your adrenaline and need to cool down. The story itself is nice but rather plain. If that's not your cup of tea, then I suggest that you avoid this one. The premises of the age-gap romance wasn't, the main theme here. It is more like the steps you take to find your way back. The leads are great. Although I think the side characters are the ones who added the flavour in this movie. Overall, watch this if you want to see the shortened version of the anime or you just need some inspirations.

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City ​​Hunter
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Abr 28, 2024
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As if you actually live in the manga

Disclaimer: I read the mangas, years and years ago
All I can say is that, I would like to see these casts in a series. It was just too short for me who read all the manga, even up to Angel Hearts. But the blend of one part of the full storyline with the other part as it creates a cohesive story is quite nicely done. 90/100
They portrayed the characters with almost perfect scores. The costumes, cars, apartment, even Ryo's way of standing, the way he moves and all of his quirky anecdotes are very much displayed there. Kaori's and Saeko's characters also almost fully fleshed out as well. Can't be too perfect though since we can't have a 200t hammer swinging all around every time, but the denim jacket is spot on for Kaori. Attention to details are 98/100

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone that have interest in a funny action drama movie. Perhaps, similar to Jackie Chan's movies.

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