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Hi ! Bonjour !
I'm Meraedda :D

Feel free to send me messages, friend request

or anything you want

I have watched quite a lot of dramas between 2011 and 2017, but I guess I've been busy with real life, seeing the ridiculous amount of dramas/movies I have watched since July 2017.  Anyway, I still come here from time to time to check my messages and the news, and I still watch some dramas and movies when I take the time.

About Me :

- I'm someone who usually laugh a lot and I'm not easily offended. I love making new acquaintances and friends :) I'm not shy at all and very talkative so I like to meet new people.

- What I usually do if I'm not watching dramas : studying (not anymore !!! I'm done yeah !!, still keeping this info there though so I can feel happy about it whenever I see my profile), listening to music (always), reading, hanging out with friends, traveling, and climbing

What I watch (genre or country) depends on my mood at the time. So I usually have a few currently watching dramas, with different genres in the same time. I don't drop anything easily because I like to end what I've decided to start but I'm working on it. I also don't watch weekend dramas because I never complete them.

But I like and watch every genre (except horror, can someone explain to me what's the point of it ?), from every country. I you have any recommendation I still haven't watched, I'm always ready to add it to my (already too long)  list :) 

10 Random facts :

  • I make lists (on paper) for everything, even the most stupid things (it helps me to organize my brain. It needs it) 
  • When I'm writing, I tend to put smileys everywhere ^^ Get used to it ;)
  • I can talk to total strangers on the street or on the train just out of boredom
  • I like driving and I'm not bored in trafic jams since it means I can listen to music for a longer time 
  • I don't get drunk easily and I'm good at feeling when I've reached my limit.
  • I don't have any pets but only because I don't have the space yet
  • I wear glasses or contacts according to the situation
  • I love flowers and plants but can't seem to be able to keep them alive
  • For me, the most crucial thing a person should have is humor. It helps you with social aspect and for your own mood.
  • English is my third language and I sometimes talk to myself out loud in English to practice

How I rate my dramas : 

 It's mostly subjective because it's a rating on how I enjoyed something... There's nothing objective on it. Also, I'm watching dramas for years now and my taste obviously changed but I haven't changed the rating I gave back then (and won't do it).

10 : unforgettable, a real masterpiece. Watch it!

9,5 -9 : almost perfect and very special. I totally loved it.

8,5 : so good I've probably binge watched it or dropped everything else as soon as I came back home to watch it

8 : really good, my taste even if not perfect

7 ,5-7 : enjoyable but I wouldn't recommend it. It's either so so or I had to take a break in the middle of the drama

6,5-6 : not bad, certainly not good either. Actually more bad than good but don't deserve to be called a total failure

Below : I've probably completed it in the hope it would get better but it didn't

I don't often use the scores between 0 and 5 because I usually drop the drama before 

Favorite 5 songs of the moment :

Gummy - I I Yo

BTS - Sea

Amber - Need to Feel Needed

AKMU - Melted

Hyoyeon - Wannabe Feat. San E

Favorite dramas / movies / actors / singers :

 Favorite  singers : I listen to a lot of groups, soloists, OST, etc. I'm probably what you can call a multifandom fan except that I'm not a part of any fandom, I'm keeping my craziness to mysef. But if I have to choose, I'd say MAMAMOO

  Favorite actors :

The next lists have been really updated in February 2016, so I should change it...

Favorite dramas :

Favorite movies : 

Variety shows : none

Thanks for reading me <3

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