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My watchlist is insanely long for no other reason than that i put everything on there that sounds vaguely interesting. So now i have this absolute monster of a watchlist. Oh well. 

My favorite  genres are probably Thriller of all kind, Mystery, Drama, Suspense and Comedy. 

I've only started watching kdramas last year (2022) or so, and wow, these korean thrillers are actually fucking amazing.

I have no fucking idea how to rate stuff, so my ratings randomly change a lot as time goes on. But basically i loved anything on 9.0 and over, even with the flaws and plotholes or weird writing decisions that they may have :3.

I'm probably aroace and audhd so i really don't care about romance unless it's very nuanced, subtle, has a lot of development or is just (queer) subtext or open to Interpretation, and thrillers and the like tend to be full of these! So yeah, little to no romance but still meaningfull human relationships and struggles, consider me hooked!


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