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the chamber of secrets


the chamber of secrets

ᯓ★ here's to my "i would top my classes if i put this much effort into studying" layout ♡


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*ੈ not a consistent watcher

♕: love between fairy and devil ☽︎❀‧₊˚

˗ˏˋ ★ ˎˊ˗

i don't use any half ratings except 7.5

      1★      : dropped the moment i started, that bad

2⚝ - 4⚝ : watched a few eps, eventually dropped

      5✦      : watched till the end but liked nothing, truly a waste of time

      6✰      : did i like it or not? idk actually

      7✴      : it was bearable, liked a few scenes here and there but nothing worth mentioning

    7.5⟡     : 1st half was so good but things went south after that

     8✷       : i liked it, it was a fun watch but nothing memorable i probably would forget it after a few weeks

     9✭       : perfect, would have been a 10 but they decided to wreck the ending

   10✯      : exceptionally good, touched my heart, out of this world, will stay in my memory for a long time

☆ ★ ✮ ★ ☆

everything here is my '24 watchlist, don't plan on adding my old watchlist unless i rewatch them :)


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