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Yuri - 百合

"Girls' Love"

This genre comes from the Japanese word for the white lily, which in the Japanese language of flowers symbolizes purity and chastity. Unlike the whole "yaoi/BL" name debate, Yuri is the accepted and most widely used name for this and you'll almost never hear "girls' love" or "GL".

The term Yuri (百合) is used to refer to stories that contain romantic or sexual relationships between girls or women or, sometimes more generally, stories with a lesbian character. The history of this term is a little fuzzy. And while some people use Yuri and other terms, such as shoujoai, as if they have clear distinctions – or as if they are interchangeable – the truth is that the etymology is somewhat fluid, forming a broad continuum of definition and understanding. In other words, what any term means has a lot to do with who is using the term – and what they think it means.

In the 1970s, Itou Bungaku, the editor of Barazoku, a gay men’s magazine, called lesbians in Japan “the lily tribe” - bara is Japanese for “rose” and yuri is Japanese for the lily. Hence, gay men were barazoku (薔薇族), or “rose tribe” while lesbians were yurizoku (百合族), the lily tribe. This name was taken by many hentai manga and doujinshi artists, who then named their lesbian characters “Yuri” or “Yuriko,” so that it became a kind of cliche’ for the genre itself. For instance, one of the most common early pairings in hentai doujinshi were Kei and Yuri from Dirty Pair. At Yuricon, when we were getting started, we believed that it was time to reclaim the term from porn artists and embrace the beauty of the lily as our own.

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