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The journey into dramas began in the year 2007...

My History with Dramas:

  • Taiwanese dramas! First first drama I think was either "Hana Kimi" or "Romantic Princess". I would literally rush home from middle school just to watch the latest subbed episode on Crunchyroll (before they were anime exclusive). That really was my first foray into the world of dramas and figuring out what plots I enjoyed watching. I really tried to get into the "KO One" series but my love for Fahrenheit couldn't sustain the unique plotline. 
  • Japanese dramas! No matter what anyone says, the Japanese version of "Boys Over Flowers" is the best one (momentarily disregard how toxic the relationship development is). And the best "Hana Kimi" adaptation! Also I'm a fan of how short their dramas are (usually no more than 12-15 eps).
  • Hong Kong dramas. Nothing like eating dinner and watching some TVB dramas with no subs! "Forensic Heroes" was damn scary but it was one of THE best dramas to come out of TVB for sure (in addition to "Moonlight Resonance" and "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" to name a few). Haven't followed the TVB scene recently as their drama game just isn't as novel or strong anymore. 
  • Chinese dramas. I usually didn't go for these but I think my first one ever was "Return of the Pearl Princess". I loved the FL in that one so watching 20+ episodes made it bearable. Otherwise I'm pretty picky about which cdramas I watch as I ain't got time to be marathoning 50+ episodes and watching a plot being stretched thin and wrung dry! I'm a fan of the transmigration or reincarnation plots (no matter how many times it gets adapted) cuz each adaptation is different! Recent favs: Romance of Hua Rong, The Romance of Tiger and Rose, The Eternal Love (not the one with Yang Mi), Scent of Time
  • Korean dramas. Ohhhh boy! First drama that led me into (eventually) the kpop world? "To the Beautiful You" of course! As you can tell, I'm sort of a fan of cross dressing dramas. Still a fan of dramas (and heavily reliant on subs) though I have picked up a few common phrases from watching so many of them! Memorable ones (right now): Crash Landing on You, Hospital Playlist, Hotel del Luna, Move to Heaven, Racket Boys, The Glory
  • Thai dramas. Only in the recent years have I watched a few of these. Fan of the Nadech and Yaya couple!


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