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hi! i'm nana and it's such a pleasure to see you here. :D

you can call me nana and my pronouns are she/her.i started watching asian dramas in 2019, my first cdrama (and asian drama as well) was meteor garden and my first korean dramas was strong woman do bong soon. as you can notice, even though i started watching dramas two years ago, i have a short "completed dramas" list, that's because i like to watch dramas slowly and calmly so i can enjoy the story and characters.

my favorites dramas are hospital playlist and reply 1988.
my favorite genres are melodrama & slice of life (and i have a weakness for tragic love & sad love stories).
my favorite male character is haru from extraordinary you and my favorite female character is deoksun from reply 1988.

since i watch dramas too slowly and calmy, i end up having time to carefully analyse and criticize every show i watch, so the grades i give to dramas are very accurate (from my point of view) and sometimes "low".



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