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Nakark Kaew thai drama review
Nakark Kaew
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by kath
Fev 10, 2019
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História 10.0
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Hands down one of the best thai dramas I have ever watched. Good thing I was bored one day and decided to watch this with no expectations at all. I was hesitant to start this given the synopsis - it seems complicated and I am not ready for a dramatic lakorn. But in any case, I still gave this a try and wow, I indeed found a gem!

The plot is heavy so I did doubt if the writers could wrap this up well. And oh boy they did. Every problem was taken care of and they really did give justice to every character. I was only planning to watch this until the main guy figures out that she’s not the real Lookaew (because as I’ve said, I’m not ready for too much drama). But guess who got hooked and can’t stop instead???

What I like about this the most is how we got a super smart lead who literally talks about everything to his dad (this is something we don’t usually see in a drama, because parents tend to be those villains who contradicts their children). I like the dad-son combo and how they teamed up to connect all the puzzles together. There’s so many twists that I can’t even predict what’s going to happen next.

Overall, Nakark Kaew is an addicting masterpiece that you can’t stop watching. This drama hits all the good parts. Just when I thought something's going to happen next, it continued to surprise me and gave me a better scenario instead. I must say the plot is EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD! Yes, it has a heavyyyyy plot but I love how everything fits together and how it got solved in the end. I am usually for the romance, but in this one, I got hooked with both the storyline and romance. I didn’t even skip one bit and towards the end, I was always at the edge of my seat. Highly Recommended!!
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