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I am a serial binger. I enjoy reading other people's takes on shows and engaging with them. I am a sucker for K-dramas that makes me cry and curse. I occasionally watch C-dramas too, mainly the xianxia/wuxia genre- love me a good demon lord.

  • First ever K-drama: Iljimae
  • Got hooked on and started my K-drama addiction: City Hunter    
  • Favourite K-drama of all time: Reply 1988  
  • Favourite Korean Actor: Lee Joon Gi    
  • Favourite Korean Actress: Kim Tae Ri
  •  Favourite K-drama OSTs:
    The Love by Lim Jae Beum (City Hunter),
    I will go to you like the first snow by AILEE (Goblin),
    Lean on me by 10cm (Hotel Del Luna),
    Very, Slowly by BIBI (Twenty-Five Twenty-One)   
  • (IMO) Best K-drama actors: NamKoong Min, Lee Joon Gi, Yoo Ah In    
  • (IMO) Best K-drama actresses: Kim So-Yeon, Seo Yea-Ji, Kim Tae Ri

I enjoy a wide range of genres when it comes to my dramas. I especially love shows that depict the struggles of life, the beauty of youth, and dramas themed around real social/political issues in this world. (Hometown Cha Cha Cha, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Reply 1998, It is Okay to Not be Okay, Sky Castle, The World of the Married)

From time to time I would take on action thrillers revolving around crime and revenge but also hop on the historical/time travel/fantasy train when it seems interesting enough. (Iris, Graceful Family, The Glory, Death's Game, W: Two Worlds Apart, Alchemy of Souls, Hotel Del Luna)

I tend to avoid dramas solely focused on romance unless the leads are incredible or if the show is hyped beyond the point that I cannot ignore it. I too also avoid sci-fi/futuristic, horror, zombie/undead, and medical dramas as I find them usually boring, predictable, and too plain in general.

More often than not I am too lazy to write full-length reviews but I do rate every show that I watched here.
Here is what my rating means; anything above 8 would be something I would recommend to people.
I try my absolute best to not give 10s too easily >_<

What I value: Storytelling, acting, soundtracks, chemistry, meaning, characters, and the emotional aspect. Enjoyment value being the wildcard that might make me rate certain shows higher than it should be.
Execution over ideas; though both are equally important.

10 (S)Masterpiece. My personal favourites.
They are not casts, they are family.
Probably biased but it ticks every box in my list.
Probably have not fully moved on from it till today.
9 (A)It is exceptional. One of the best of the year.
I love it, you will love it too.
Just shy of my personal checklist.
Will easily say yes to rewatching it.
8 (B)It is very good, had minor imperfections but solid overall.
Had a great time, won't go wrong.
Usually not re-watchable, great one-timers.
Will recommend starting from here on.
7 (C)
Not bad, but not great either.
Drama in this tier lacks enough substance for me to recommend it to people.
It's good in bits and pieces, unfortunately, some key aspects were lacking/passive-mid.
Most of the average K-drama will end up here in this tier for me.
6 (D)Could be that the genre or the show was really not my thing.
Found most portions of the drama to be forgettable.
Key aspects that I value in a show are seriously poor.
Most likely stuck with it because of the cast.
<6 (L)From the best of the worst to absolute dumpsters.
Dramas that I genuinely struggled to finish.
The score really doesn't matter anymore.
DroppedCould be absolute trash or I'm just not feeling it.
Not rating it because I did not finish it.


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