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because even my darkness will shine brightly


because even my darkness will shine brightly
Hi! Welcome to my page

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she/her • millennial • ISTJ • music junkie • kdrama enthusiast since 2019 OSTs lover

atiny • carat • MOA • aghase • ARMY • monbebe • shawol • EXO-L

I've been watching kdramas since approx.  august 2019, and been a reformed kpop fan almost as long. I first started listening to jpop and kpop in my teenage years due to a friend but kinda lost it for a while when also losing that friend a few years later. Although, I found it again as an adult and it only grew from there.
I'm mostly a bg multistan which kinda shows with the share amount of groups I stan.

I hope you will enjoy my page!

♫  K-POP ♫ 
Since I'm a multistan there's a lot of my favorites. But my absolute ults are ATEEZ, Seventeen and TXT, as well as a honorable fourth place for BTS. 
Also honorable mention, the kings of K-pop  SHINee
Favorite bands are One Ok Rock and The Rose.
Favorite soloists are Eric Nam, Jackson Wang, Chanyeol and Taemin.

(If you click on the gifs below, it will take you to my current favorite song/video/perfomance by the group or person picture
Bias   Yunho
Bias Wonwoo
Bias Soobin
Bias V

 Music I love
Link to my playlist where these songs and hundreds of more can be found   Sharing is caring
Also check out my list of OST's of Note

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☆10/10 - perfection
☆9-9.5 - near perfection but something irked or bugged me in the end
☆8-8.5 - really enjoyed it

☆7-7.5 - good plot/characters but too many plot holes or annoyances for it to be higher graded
☆6-6.5 - good try
☆4-5.5 - nope, just nope
☆0-3.5 - trash
  • Kdrama 2023:The Worst of Evil
  • Korean actors: Lee Dong Wook, Lee Joon Gi, Yoo Yeon Seok
  • Genres: Thriller, crime, romance, drama, action, war
  • Tropes: Mob/mafia/criminal lead, love at first sight, enemies to lovers
  • Villain: Jang Hanseok in Vincenzo and Vegas in KinnPorsche
  • BL drama: Until We Meet again, Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart, To My Star, Light on Me
  • BL ships: MewGulf, OffGun
  • Thai actors: Boun, Saint, Bible
  • Favorite songs of 2023: "Nätterna i Göteborg" by Viktor Leksell, "I Don't Understand But I Luv U" by Seventeen, "Seven" by Jungkook
  • Time of Year: Spring (I live in the Nordics, when spring comes I'm near light-starved)
  • Cold, snow, slushy weather (did I mention I live in the Nordics?)
  • Nudity simply for views, especially when it's only the women
  • Genres: Political (too much political talk and my interest dwindles)
  • Tropes: Meddling exes, weak/naive female leads, love triangles


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Thank you for checking out my page! Feel free to send out a follow or friend request! ^___^


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