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aarghh the chemistry and the heat

i love this story, it is VERY realistic especially in the LGBTQ+ community, things usually start like that and if you know you know.
office romance has always been one of my favourite BL tropes and I love KingUea's chemistry and all the sountracks are addictive!!!

i will never forget how the NC scenes and the kisses went from hot to cute to lovely to hot again. OOF my heart!
i can't talk about all characters but i totally appreciate Net and James efforts! and Net is a really good actor, whatever he does, i'm convinced. whatever he says, i agree. those eyes omg

i also appreciate that this BL gave us real life stuations of society/workplace problems + SA + toxic parents and relationships and showed us how it's possible to be strong even after those events by being with the right people and learning how to set boundaries. truly inspiring imo.

this has been my most anticipated 2023 BL since Domundi's 2023 Lineup event, and i'm so glad it happened in Q1-Q2 of this year. Keep it up Domundi artists ♡ You're doing great!

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