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Rising With the Wind chinese drama review
Rising With the Wind
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by ikaikaika
Nov 3, 2023
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A Masterpiece of 2023

Best Chinese Drama of 2023.
I am hooked with the story, the chemistry, and the business cases.
Gong Jun as Xu Si and Zhong Chuxi as Jiang Hu are the best decision ever.

Running against the wind. Beginning with Jiang Hu.
When rising with the wind, Zhaoyang will be there for you.

My final points for this drama why I choose this drama as my #1 drama:
1) The drama is as realistic as it can be in C-drama world
2) All scenes are important, not even single scene is some kind of filler
3) The leads have their strengths and weaknesses and have great character development each other
4) The chemistry of the leads are great. Smart and Powerful Couple ever
5) Learning business cases by watching a drama
6) Xu Si is also NOT usual CEO-Type male lead. The finest grey flag man ever. Xu Si yaaaaaaaaa, you’re my top character male lead drama of all time now??
7) The OSTs are superb

Full playlist of this drama :
Compilation of Xu Si and Jiang Hu Best Moments (Part 1) :
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