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When I Fly Towards You chinese drama review
When I Fly Towards You
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by ikaikaika
Jun 30, 2023
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One of Best Youth High-School Chinese Dramas to Watch


At first, I did not expect this drama would be my interest because I felt like the plot was the same with all aired dramas in the past. But I was wrong! The story is interesting enough to keep going to next episode. The characters of FL and ML, even the friendship are also really great. The FL is a smart, cheerful, thoughtful person who I love the most, not the clingy, dumb, childish (thanks to the writer for a more mature FL character).

Beside their friendship, what I love the most is also the communication between our main couple. Since they are in high school, they have good understanding for each other so in their adult phase, they are compatible enough even though they are busy with their college and work.

Thanks for a healthy show, with healthy relationships that resulted in beautiful growth for each of them. Rewatching this later is definitely on the agenda! :)

PS: Based on this show, is it true that men and women can never be friends? Since there are two couple formed in this show HAHAHA XD
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