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Nothing But You chinese drama review
Nothing But You
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by ikaikaika
Abr 14, 2023
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História 10.0
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Best Drama about Healing, Growth, Love, Life, Dream and Career

Very satistied with all aspects of this drama.
The dialogue, characters, story development, acting, chemistry, friendship, romance are the best.
Everything has each portion in balance, thanks to the writer of this drama for making the great storyline.

Although it is slow burn romance, but the progress of their romance is amazing and heartwarming. I love the ML who are sure about his feeling despite 10 year old gap with FL. When they talked about the past, I know that they can't be separated hahahah.

All in all, I love SSC and LYA. Best drama of 2023, no maybe for me one of my all time favorite C-Drama.
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