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separated between two different sides of the world


separated between two different sides of the world

he/him/his || 25

Hi! I'm Hugo. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, but I now live in the U.S.!

A little something about myself, I was never a drama person before the pandemic. I do watch some well-known K-dramas growing up that was airing on TV at that time,  but I mostly prefer films and honestly still am right now. I go to film school and my dream is to write and direct my own films in the future. But when 2020 happened, I decided to give Crash Landing on You a try out of boredom as it kept popping up on my Netflix dashboard anyway.  Then Itaewon Class, then Vagabond, and so on...

My MDL account is solely used to log all the dramas I watch. I also have a Letterboxd (LB) account which I use to solely log the films that I watch. 

I honestly watch everything as I believe films and dramas are made purely for entertainment and there is no need to take them seriously unless what is in the content has really crossed the line. Personally, I tend to prefer stuff that is light-hearted, heartwarming, or wholesome; as well as stuff that has good or at least decent writing in there without feeling rushed at all. I would also be on the lookout for stuff that can keep you by the edge of your seat the entire time that you end up wanting to do nothing but binge the whole drama in a single go. Some of my favorite dramas fall in this category, but that doesn't mean a slow drama is bad either. 

When it comes to the things I don't like, I usually tend to avoid certain story tropes such as romance with a major age gap, student-teacher romances as a whole trope, time jumps that very significantly affect the drama's story, horror as a genre in its entirety for personal reasons, among others. I am also not a big fan of stuff that drags, and those that eventually culminate for the most part into romance (looking at some dramas I, unfortunately, had to finish anyway here,) nevertheless of the genre or story trope it initially sought to deliver at the beginning. 

interests: dramas and certain TV shows, films, travel, walking or just moving around in general, any kind of food and drinks, meeting and getting to know people, talking about dramas or films, learning about other countries languages and cultures, writing stories, making films, listening to music, Broadway musicals, window shopping

Favorite Actors
Ai Yoshikawa
 Hikari Mitsushima
Matsushige Yutaka 

Mone Kamishiraishi 

Oomori Nao

Mayu Matsuoka

Amanda Rawles
Deepika Padukone

lists available to read: takumi's dream pairs // actors i want yoshikawa ai-chan to be paired with // kasumi's out of the comfort zone roles // my biases // "so hot" actors // ojichan crushes //  favorite actors // favorite actresses // favorite k-dramas // favorite j-dramas // food and travel dramas // favorite directors // actors i want kasumi to be paired with // kaiju alumns 

Guess that is all from me. Feel free to send a friend request if you would like to as I'm always down to get to know new people and talk about dramas, films, or any kind of stuff you guys want to talk about!  :)


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