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Love Senior
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Jan 11, 2024
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A pretty well-made early Thai GL

Many people may seek this series out after watching Gap. So I’m here to say that Love Senior may not reach that level of entertainment for viewers. It’s not a bad watch though.
This series starts the fairly new girl group Cosmos, with their song “You Get Lucky” as the OST. All 12 members have main and supporting roles.
The main 4 actors ,Anda, Lookaew, Noon, and Praewa have good chemistry in their coupling and you want to root for them. The rest of the members may have their roles based on individual acting skills and maybe availability. Some of these women are still in college. Love it. I want to specifically call out Atom for her portrayal of Luktarn. She’s a great character and was played well. It is a shame how the series ended with her. Left much to be desired.
The story is a bit all over the place. There’s subplots and minor characters that disappear for several episodes, only to show up later with little pay off. It seems a bit rushed. As is the series was limited to 10 episodes.
I’m happy to see that this was directed by a masculine-presenting woman(as far as I know). I feel some of the queerness and relationships between the women feel genuine and that may be due to their direction.
Overall, Love Senior is a decent show for this time. There are a lot of Thai GLs being released with bigger budgets since they are proven to have a good chance at success. This series gives me hope that they can only get better and better as studios see their potential to be just as profitable as BLs.

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