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Love Siblings
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de f4L24
Jun 11, 2024
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An Original Reality Dating Show without the Need for Catty Drama to Drum Up Ratings

Unlike reality dating shows that hail from the West, My Sibling's Romance is absolutely unique and in my opinion, 99% unscripted and 100% wholesome and interesting to watch.

Four pairs of siblings (a brother and sister pairing) live in a house to get to know one another for three weeks. Within a day, they start requesting for a secret date with someone they find attractive. Siblings discuss in secret whom they think would be a good match for the other and their relationships are not revealed until midway through the series.

Drama unfolds when misunderstandings arise between love interests or when the interest is only one sided. I love how the siblings have got each other's backs - aiding the other in gathering information about their love interest and even standing up for them if they feel their sibling has been taken for a ride.

What I find most refreshing is how honest each cast member is and how the audience gets to know their true character and personality over the course of the series. They are not looking for fifteen minutes of fame. With the exception of perhaps one cast member, they are genuinely looking for a potential life partner.

One more episode to go before it is revealed which cast members agree to leave the show as a romantic couple and which ones decide to fly solo.

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Fu Shi Hui
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de f4L24
Mai 29, 2024
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A Must Watch if you like history and politics

Intelligent, intriguing and well-directed. I haven't come across a C-drama as riveting as this since The Ingenious One and The Long Ballad. If you enjoy political dramas that are inspired by history, Heroes (2024) might be the one for you. Set in the turbulent period just before the fall of the Qing dynasty, this story artfully and intelligently depicts human nature at its worst and best in times of socio-political instability. In pursuit of ancient treasure that is believed to be able to change the fate of its possessor, the motivations of each protagonist is revealed. Greed, patriotism, political idealism and personal loyalties meet head-on and are called into question as each protagonist fights to get a hold of the treasure.

Plot aside, the acting and fight scenes are stellar. I love how the director wants the actors to speak in accents that are native to each region...although I am not sure if all the actors are able to do it. Cinematography is beautiful as are the sets and costumes. And lastly and by no means the least, the music which is a mixture of traditional Chinese and modern genres is on point, reflecting the atmosphere and feelings of the characters in each scene aptly.

My hope is that this drama sustains my interest till the end and finishes strong.

Now that I have seen all the episodes, I must echo some of the reviews in MDL for this drama series. The ending was a huge let down especially for its fans. It was rushed and poorly scripted. Why did the writers not ensure to give this fantastic story a well paced and solid conclusion? 38 episodes would have been ideal. I was hoping this drama series could rival War of Faith. Sigh! I am disappointed.

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