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my favorite shows are k dramas. 

I like strong women and kind and smart men hero. I like murder's investigations, comedy and love stories.
I don't like violence.

my reviews are very short because I don't think people need to read a whole 4 page long explanations on why they should or shouldn't watch a video. I enjoy sharing thoughts and feelings about fictions here.

if you are looking for a good drama don't trust the scores.
1- read the synopsis and check that the story suits you. choose a genre you are craving for at the moment (watching a drama at a bad moment will definitely ruin it). 2- check the writer (in cast members) and clic on his page's info: look at his others dramas. if you've already loved one of his stories, you are more likely to love an other one. 3- then check the cast: if you really don't like one of the main actors, do yourself a favor and just cut it there. 4- use the 2 episodes rule: if you don't feel hooked after 2 episodes, drop it. don't waste your precious time when so many good shows are out there.

have fun! let's talk on discussions!


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