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We may be separated geographically, but we're united by dramas.

What a great brotherhood and sisterhood to have!!


First of all I want to thank all of you, who continuously help me with your reviews and chat comments to decide what to watch. I'm fairly new to dramas. I used to only watch films (I rate them in imdb) until by chance I watched a turkish drama (kiralik ask), then a korean drama (my love from the star), and since then I'm hooked.


My rating means : 10 = I liked 100% of the scenes (script, acting, directing, etc),   9 = I liked 90% of the scenes (script, acting, directing, etc),  and so on.   


I don't rate dramas below 5, even if I liked them less than 50%. For me, 5 is the minimum deserved for the effort and care that goes into its production. I'm  a witness to such efforts because I have family who work in production.


I keep an ever-growing excel sheet with MDL members whose ratings are similar to mine. I check those ratings before deciding to watch a drama.  I tried  the feature 'following' but I never received any 'new rating'  or 'review' notifications and therefore I gave up on that feature and only refer to my excel list..



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