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Begin Again: Special chinese drama review
Begin Again: Special
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by ZGDX_Smiling
Mai 12, 2021
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I'm sorry but how did I not know this existed!?!?!

Oh my god, if you haven't watched the special already, please go and watch it at the first chance. Like seriously. And it's subbed too.

It's literally just these two absolutely adorable goofballs just having the time of their life, occasionally breaking the fourth wall, laughing at their own expense and just in general being aware of the absolutely absurd twists that where in the story.

More than that, it's just two people enjoying each others company, giving us a glimpse of everyday life between Fang Ning and Ling Rui. The domesticity, the warm glow of contentment, the little things between the two of them. It almost felt like I was intruding in their house or something. It gives so much insight as to how they function as a couple despite being opposites.

In conclusion. Watch it. Please.
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